Research has been conducted to establish the validity of the most recent and previously used assessments. Below are lists of completed research and links to the reports. In addition, independent studies have found that the assessments align to the standards and assessment criteria that matter most.

New Meridian is hosting past and current research on ERIC – Education Resources Information Center. Links to published research can be found below.

Model Content Frameworks

These are voluntary resources meant to be used as a companion to the Common Core State Standards to help educators and those developing aligned curricula and instructional materials.

English Language Arts/Literacy

Field Test Studies

Operational Studies

Technical Reports

The technical report provides descriptive information about the design and implementation of the New Meridian assessments, as well as information related to the statistical properties of the tests for interested readers.

2022 Technical Report – Alternate Blueprint (Spring 2022)

This report describes the 2021-2022 administration of the alternate assessment blueprint.

2021 Technical Report – Alternate Blueprint (Spring 2021)

This report describes the 2020–2021 administration of the alternate assessment blueprint.

2019 Technical Report (Spring 2020)

This report describes the 2018-2019 administration of the assessments.

2019 Technical Report – Alternate Form (Spring 2020)

This report describes the 2018-2019 administration of the alternate assessment blueprint.

2018 Technical Report (February 2019)

This report describes the 2017-2018 administration of the assessments.

2017 Technical Report (March 2018)

This report describes the 2016-2017 administration of the assessments.

2016 Technical Report (January 2017)

The report describes the 2015-2016 administration of the assessments.

2015 Technical Report (April 2016)

The report describes the 2014-2015 administration of the assessments.

Performance Level Setting Technical Report (December 2015)

The technical report provides information about the evidence-based standard setting process PARCC used to set threshold scores for each performance level is summer 2015.

Additional Studies

PARCC ELA Pre-Equating Study

PARCC Grade Level Readiness Investigation